Payroll Audits

Payroll audits

Need For Payroll Audits

In a Larger organizations specially the sectors like oils and mineral Extractions, Information Technology service providers, BPO service Providers, KPO Service Providers, etc., Human Resource(Manpower) is very large in numbers and is very crucial for them. And hence they need to form various HR policies like Recruitment Policy, Attendance Records, Leave Policy, Overtime Policy, etc., so to make their Human Resource happy and clear on its engagements. Due to various pay heads and various Benefits plans or contribution plans, there is a need for conducting such audits to assure that Employer and employee relations stand for long time and both are having Win –Win situation.

How our service will assist:

  • We conduct such audits so to assure that all the payroll processes are done as per the HR policies/Manual and there is no default on any statutory compliance on the part of Employer.