Department wise dedicated staff

Apart from our core team of partners, we have dedicated staff for compliance service and other related work. These staff members are involved in execution of work and we cast individual responsibility on department head to complete the assignment in given time frame. Further, we also encourage them to participate in knowledge sharing workshop and seminars to sharpen their skill even further. This will help our organization and clientele as a whole.

Knowledge update-Staff Training

“An investment in Knowledge always pays better interest.” We follow this line. We are always keen to sharpen the skills of our employees. We regularly hold staff training sessions to better empower them with knowledge so that they execute their work in a better and efficient way. We hold weekly staff meeting to get updates on work allotted. Moreover, we hold training and knowledge sharing sessions for article assistants and other staffs every fortnight.


Our Furnished and Centrally Air Conditioned office is located at Main road of the City i.e. Ashram Road, Ahmedabad. Further, our office is fully equipped with latest Information Technology gadgets, CCTV coverage, 24 hour dedicated Fiber based Internet lines, Latest Space Saving filing racks, Conference Rooms fully equipped with Audio-visual equipments , Bio Metric Attendance Machine, etc. which gives us the Corporate Image.

Knowledge update – Client Meeting

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.” We believe in this quote. We not only shares knowledge with our staff but with our clients and their staff also. We hold client knowledge sharing meeting every year to personally update them on regulatory issues. Only clients and their staff are invited in this meeting.