GST Compliance & Assistance

Need for GST Compliance and Assistance:

GST is the short form of Goods & Services Tax. GST was implemented in India from 1st July 2017. GST implementaton is considered as major reform in Indirect Taxes in India. GST is the tax that has replaced the earlier levy of Service Tax, Excise Duty & State level VAT. GST is tax on value addition at every trasaction. GST eliminates cascading effect of tax as it were in earlier regime of indirect taxes in India. We provide services of GST compliance and assistance that suits your organisation.

How our service will assist you

  • Registration under the GST in any state of India
  • Registration for Tax Deduction Number (TDN) under GST
  • Classification of goods & services and accordingly identifying the rate of GST
  • E-filing of GST returns
  • Assistance in claiming GST refund
  • Appearing before the authorities for Assessment, etc.
  • GST Audit as provided under GST law
  • GST due diligence service

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