Business Valuation


As Warren Buffet describes “Price is what you pay & Value is what you get”. Valuations are required for different purpose and called for different point of time. One cannot use pre-set rules, principles and precedents for valuations without considering the varied circumstances for which valuations are required. Any transaction of purchase/ sale of business/ companies require determination of fair value for the transaction to satisfy stakeholders and/or Regulators. Business valuation is an unformulated and subjective process. A clear understanding of the purpose for which the valuation is being attempted is very important aspect to be kept in mind before commencement of the valuation exercise.

How our Services will Assist:

  • Determination of price for Acquisition/Sale of Business
  • Determination of Price for Purchase or sales of Equity Shares
  • Determination of Price for Fresh allotment of shares by Unlisted companies(Regulatory Requirement)
  • Determining the value of family owned business and assets in case of Family separation